EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Energy Storage System

We provide a turnkey service: audit, design, installation, as well as monitoring and subsequent maintenance of storage systems.


EPC - Energy Storage Systems

The proposed storage systems are:


From 0.5 MWh to 2 MWh, customizable based on requirements

Safe and Stable

LiFePo4 battery, 6000 cycles/15 years, Intelligent operating system


Modular design, easily expandable capacity. Low maintenance - diagnostic interface available.

Easy installation

Quick and cost-effective installation, with "plug and play" delivered containers


We offer a turn-key solution, consisting of:

Analysis of the existing situation for sizing the energy storage system

Proposal of the optimal storage solution

Implementation of the solution



By collaborating with a single contractor, you ensure that every stage of the development project is carefully controlled, including logistics, regulations, and construction issues, guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of the entire process.

We handle all the work until the energy storage system is operational and subsequently monitor its operation. Upon request, a contract for the operation and maintenance of the storage system can be concluded. We offer a winning solution to reduce energy costs.

Who We Address:

At MALMA, we cater to our clients from various industries and stand by them throughout the entire process. Through our experience and high-quality equipment, we help clients achieve their goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Regardless of the company’s size, you find the necessary support to adopt the best storage solutions, from residential to commercial and industrial ones


With high-performance technology and a more flexible system configuration, the storage system provides high stability, necessary for balancing the grid


For farms or irrigation systems, storage offers an efficient solution for managing the energy balance and reducing costs


Why Choose This Service from Malma:

Our experience speaks for itself when it comes to installing photovoltaic systems.

Expertise and Support in Turnkey Construction of Energy Storage Systems and Solar Plants

- We handle the general contracting for turnkey construction of energy storage systems.
- Working with us, you will receive maximum technical expertise and professional support in all stages of the design, construction, and operation of a solar power plant.

Complete Services: Analysis, Design, and Implementation for Energy Storage Systems with Positive Impact

- Expertise in analyzing and sizing the storage system.
- We are engaged in developing and approving project documentation.
- We handle all construction and electrical work, commissioning the installation.



At MALMA, we always focus on providing customized solutions and stand by our clients throughout the entire process, from the initial stage to post-implementation.

Step 1

Feasibility Analysis: We evaluate the current energy consumption profile, existing and backup energy needs to determine the most suitable energy storage solution.

Step 2

Design: Our engineers then design a customized energy storage system that aligns with your specific energy needs and goals.

Step 3

Installation: Our experienced team installs the energy storage system, integrating it with your solar installation and ensuring it operates optimally.

Step 4

Documentation for approvals, obtaining legal requirements: ATR, grid connection certificate, producer certificate, etc.

Step 5

Maintenance: After the system is up and running, we provide continuous maintenance services to ensure its longevity and continuous performance.


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We plan and simulate a solar power plant in the initial data collection stage;

We are engaged in the development and approval of project documentation;

We provide a complete set of equipment and materials to the site;

We handle all construction and electrical works, including the commissioning of the installation.

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