Control over generated energy usage, a step towards energy independence

We offer intelligent energy storage solutions


What energy storage means

Energy storage is the technology that turns the vision of energy independence into reality: generate your own electricity, having control over when and how you use it.

Energy storage solutions, especially battery storage systems, have become an integral part of modern renewable energy infrastructure. These systems store excess energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines for use during periods when they are not actively producing electricity, such as at night or on cloudy days.



Energy storage solutions enable the use of stored solar/wind energy during periods when solar panels are not actively generating electricity.

Grid balancing:

Energy storage is flexible, dispatchable, and ready for use in the electric power grid by providing rapid energy delivery during sudden fluctuations in energy demand or supply. This improves the quality and reliability of the system, and in some cases, additional income streams or cost-saving opportunities can be created.

Backup power:

In the event of outages or power interruptions, energy storage systems can provide backup power, ensuring the continuity of your operations.

Supports ESG corporate goals:

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is increasingly a major concern for both customers and investors. Energy storage is a safe, non-hazardous technology with the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

Reducing energy losses:

Storage solutions can contribute to reducing energy losses in the electric grid by efficiently balancing supply and demand, avoiding overloading equipment and networks.

For off-grid systems or in rural areas

Where access to energy is limited, energy storage can provide a stable and continuous energy source even when conventional energy sources are unavailable.

Who we address

At MALMA, we address our clients from various fields of activity and are with them throughout the entire process. Through our experience and quality equipment, we help clients achieve their goals in an efficient and sustainable way.


We handle photovoltaic plants for farms, including off-grid installations for locations not connected to the grid, as well as various programs for the industry.


With our green energy solutions, energy consumption in various areas of production will be reduced, and expenses diminished.


We provide comprehensive solutions for the HORECA industry, an industry with high energy consumption, analyses, and even financing plans.


Our services include energy audits, project development, document preparation, and post-implementation maintenance.


The construction sector can become more profitable with optimal solutions for reducing energy consumption. Solutions we identify and implement at MALMA.


What we offer:

Our storage solutions will be tailored to your needs, allowing you to achieve sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and electricity costs. Our storage solutions are personalized and adapted to your needs.

Storage system requirements vary – thanks to innovative technologies, intelligent battery management systems, and individual designs. We offer a personalized, turnkey service focused on cost efficiency, adhering to the highest production and safety standards.


Why choose us?


We have proven experience in the field

Team of specialists

We have a team consisting only of specialists: project managers and highly qualified engineers

Customized solutions

We offer turn-key solutions, successfully combining expertise with innovation

We analyze each situation in detail

We thoroughly analyze each situation to provide the best solutions


Do you want green energy for your business? Let's discuss your project further!

Our goal is to help you benefit as quickly as possible from reduced electricity costs and to offer you personalized energy efficiency solutions to improve your business performance.


How we work for our clients

At MALMA, we always focus on providing customized solutions and are with our clients throughout the entire process, starting from the first stage and continuing after implementation.

Analyze the existing situation

It is necessary to approach each project in a personalized manner. Therefore, we emphasize a detailed understanding of each client's needs, evaluating objectives, and identifying specific issues.

Propose energy efficiency solutions

We provide a wide range of energy efficiency solutions, including the installation of wind farms and energy management systems, the recovery of residual heat, depending on each client's specific requirements.

Propose financing solutions

We focus on identifying the best sources of financing, including accessing European funds and other available financing programs, so that our clients can benefit from lower costs and maximize the financial benefits of their energy efficiency investment projects.

Take care of implementation

We ensure that the implementation of our energy efficiency systems is carried out quickly and with the least possible impact on our clients' activities. We focus on minimizing disruptions and guaranteeing normal business operation.


Our results


Completed projects


Satisfied clients


Innovative solutions


Specialized team


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We plan and simulate a solar power plant in the initial data collection stage;

We are engaged in the development and approval of project documentation;

We provide a complete set of equipment and materials to the site;

We handle all construction and electrical works, including the commissioning of the installation.

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